Hey ! Here is Tensorflow Processing Unit(TPU) new technology from Google

We all know about central processing units (cpu) and also about Graphics processing unit (GPU),but here google launches the new technology known as Tesnsor flow processing unit(TPU). Lets know what are these TPU's and their role in the industry.
        Google has developed its own custom chips to accelerate its machine learning algorithms.     Tensor processing units are application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) developed specifically for machine learning.Google has stated that its proprietary tensor processing units were used in the series of man-machine Go games and also in the google street map view.The major part where TPU used by google is in the searching operation of google photos each individual TPU PROCESSES 100 MILLION pictures per a day .How excited this matter was.

             On an average TPU's were executing 15x to 30x faster then the  google's regular maching learning programs and also same when compared to GPU and CPU. Google isn’t likely to make the TPUs available outside of its own cloud, but the company notes that it expects that others companies  will take what they has learned. This was launched by Google on 06-04-2017 more information about TPU's - click here